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Utility Service Termination - Below is a list of phone numbers for utility companies to assist you in terminating the utility services for your property. I suggest to wait and not call the utility companies until just the day before closing, or perhaps even on the day of closing. You are able to call just one business day before to have utilities taken out of your name on the next day. I estimate that one in 5-6 closings get delayed by 1 to 3 days due to the lender not being ready. If this happens to us, you would have to call all the utility companies back to give them a new termination date. Calling again is not really that big of a deal, but I'm sure you would like to avoid headaches whenever possible. You will need to provide the utility company with your forwarding address for the final bill. If you have vacated your home well in advance of the closing and have already provided a forwarding address, you should still call and provide a termination date for service. Every now and then, a buyer forgets to call to take over the services. You would not find out about this until you get another monthly bill in the mail.

When to Terminate - Our listing contract states that the seller agrees to leave all utilities on until the buyer takes possession (Section 3 on the CBG Listing Agreement, first sentence). So please do not terminate service until the NEXT BUSINESS DAY AFTER CLOSING (or the day after buyer's possession date should it not be the same day as closing). If our closing date is on Thursday, finalize your bills as of Friday. If our closing is on a Friday, I suggest to finalize your bill on the following Monday.
Why?... In some instances, the gas or water company may need to come inside of the home to establish the service in the new owner's name. Most often, the buyer's possession is not until 5pm on the day of closing, which does not give the buyer the opportunity to meet the utility company to provide inside access for establishing service on closing day. For a 5pm possession time, the buyer's first available day to meet a utility company for access would be the next business day after closing. Assuming a Friday closing date, and should the buyer be able to establish service in their name on that Friday (or Saturday) without the utility company needing access inside the home, which they are often able to do, your bill will be finalized as of the buyer's earlier start date, and you will not be billed for Saturday or Sunday even though you set Monday as the termination date. You could be held liable for damages if caused by early termination of utility services. Especially important is the Gas Service. For instance, if the buyer could not meet the Gas Company until the next day after closing, as you used your possession right up until 5pm, and if you terminated gas service on closing day in the winter and a plumbing pipe burst due to no heat in the home overnight, you could be responsible for damages. So rather than trying to save $5 to $15 for your final utility bills, lets be safe and terminate services on the next business date after closing. And again, most often buyers DO get utilities transferred into their name ON closing day, as this is what their buyer's agent will have instructed them to do.

If when calling to set up termination dates, you are informed that the buyer HAS already called to take over service, then it ok to have your termination date match the date previously set up by the buyer. But often times when calling, you may be told that the new buyer has not yet called in to take over the service. Should they ask you about who is taking over the service, simply inform them that the new owner will be making a separate phone call. So long as you have left the utilities on through the NEXT business day after closing (or a later possession date), you cannot be held liable for damages if buyer fails to put the utilities in their name.

AT&T Phone  800-464-7928

Laclede Gas  314-621-6960
  Toll Free 800-887-4173   Laclede Gas Company

Ameren Electric  314-342-1000   Toll Free 800-552-7583  Ameren Missouri  Click:  >> Customer Service Center  >> Start, Stop, Move
MOWAC - Missouri American Water Company  866-430-0820   Missouri American Water
St Louis City  314-771-2255
St Charles  636-949-3213
St Peters  636-447-4440
O'Fallon Water & Sewer 636-281-2858
Lake St Louis  636-561-3737

Sewer - is transferred by the title company.  You don't need to do anything.   Metropolitan St Louis Sewer District
Trash - sometimes your local City Hall provides trash service.  Here are the major trash companies:
Waste Management  =  800-989-2783  (Website has a Zip Code Locater)  
Meridian Waste Services  =  314-291-3131
Republic Services = 314-631-3400
Allied Waste  =  636-947-5959

Allconnect.com   Ivey O'Neal - (704) 612-0532 - Communications Coordinator
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Below are Additional Numbers...

Gas Companies
Laclede Gas Co. (314) 621-6960
St. Charles Gas (636) 946-8937
Midwest MO Gas (636) 931-5353 or (877) 696-6427
MO Natural Gas (636) 931-8383 or (800) 675-6577

Electric Companies
Ameren UE (314) 342-1000 or (800) 552-7583
Cuivre River Electric (636) 441-7410 or (800) 392-3709
City of Kirkwood (314) 822-5836

Telephone Service
SWBT Residential Service (800) 464- 7928
SWBT (out of state call) (800) 203- 7070
SWBT billing (800) 203-4040
AT&T(now Charter) (800) 222-0300
VERIZON (formerly GTE) (800) 483-4400

Trash Disposal (or check white pages)
Bob's Disposal (636) 464-3393
Diamond Waste (314) 544-7400
(NW Jefferson Co) (636) 586-9777
Midwest Waste (636) 947-5959
Superior (314) 567-1800
Waste Management (314) 506-4700
Zykan Disposal (314) 298-9999

Cable T. V.
Charter Communications (636) 207-7044
Charter (A 1T) St. Charles (636) 441-7511
Charter (A 1T) St. Louis (314) 361-4331
Charter (A 1T) Overland (314) 428-0915
Charter (A 1T) Jefferson Co. (636) 464-8878
Cable America (Maryland Hgts) (314) 291-1970

St. Louis Post Dispatch (314) 340-8918

Water Suppliers --- St. Louis County
Missouri American Water* (866) 430-0820
Eureka City Water        (636)938-5233
FlorissantCity Water  (314)839-7618
Kirkwood City Water  (314)822-5836
St. Louis City Water          (314)771-2255
Valley Park City Water (636)225-2676
Webster Groves City Water    (314) 963-5332

*formerly St. Louis County Water  

Water Suppliers --- St. Charles County
Missouri American Water     (800)256-6426
O'Fallon City Water         (636)281-2858
Public Water Supply Dist. #2  (636)561-3737
St. Charles City Water          (636)949-3212
St. Peters City Water  (636)477-6600 ext. 217
Warrenton   (636)456-4113
Wentzville         (636) 332-5101

Water Suppliers --- Jefferson County
C-1 (Bamhart, Antonia,)       (636) 942-3869
District 1 (City of Arnold)        (636) 296-0659
District 2 (High Ridge area)  (636)326-0200
District 3 (Hwys 141 & 21)    (636)296-7053
District 5 (Desoto area)         (636) 586-5445
District 6 (House Springs area) (636) 671-4096
District 7 (Pevely area)          (636) 479-5593
District 8 (Cedar Hill area)      (636) 274-3125
District 10 (Imperial,Kimmswick) (636) 467-6868
District 12 (Festus, 155 South) (636) 937-9697
Crystal City           (636) 937-4614
Desoto                (636) 586-3326
Festus                 (636) 937-4694
Herculaneum            (636) 479-3777
Hillsboro            (636) 797-3334
Raintree Plantation       (636) 464-5561
Pevely               (636) 475-4452
Utility Websites
www.ameren.com Ameren UE
www.lacledegas.com Laclede Gas & outlying services
www.cuivre.com Cuivre River Electric Co-op Missouri
www.mawc.com American Water Co.
www.swbell.com Southwestern Bell Telephone
www.verizon.com Verizon Telecom
www.chartercom.com Charter Communications
www.cableamerica.com Cable America Corp.

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