1) If there's more than one person signing, each signer will receive a separate email they will each have to open. Once the first signer is done, then a second email is sent to the second signer. If we're using the same email address for each signer, you will need to go to your email again and open another (2nd) email that will be sent shortly after first person has signed. On Mobile devices, you may have to wait 3-4 minutes so the documents can upload to the server before the second email arrives.

2) In your email click REVIEW DOCUMENTS. The forms will be greyed out until you click CONTINUE

3) Scroll down the form and click at the first spot you find for signing or placing initials. If using Docusign for the first time, you’ll have to select a signature style. If you don’t like the one that is displayed, click Change Style and pick out one you like, and then click Adopt and Sign. You will see your signature now placed on the form.

NOTE - If using a mobile device, it opens to DRAW so you can use a stylus to write your signature. I suggest touching SELECT STYLE as it fits better on the forms. Scroll and choose a signature you like, and then click Adopt and Sign, usually found at bottom of page. You will see your signature now placed on the form.

4) At the top of each page, you will see NEXT. If you click or touch NEXT, it simply takes you to the top of the next page. Some pages will not need a signature. You may have to scroll down each page to see iF there’s a place to sign. NEXT disappears once you have signed in ALL places. If you still see NEXT, you still must sign or initial somewhere.

5) When next is gone, you must then click --FINISH-- to complete the signing. Then a second email is immediately sent to the second signer. You may have to wait 3 to 4 minutes if using a mobile device.

6) You don’t need to notify me when everyone has signed. Paperwork is automatically emailed to me when you click FINISH.

7) A pop-up screen will appear when you’re finished – you can just click NO THANKS.

Steve Studnicki
Steve Studnicki
Broker Salesperson