Please be sure to read #4

NOTE:  If there is more than one person signing, each signer receives a separate email they each will have to open. AFTER the first person has signed, then a 2nd email is sent with a new link. If we're using the same email address for all signatures, you will need to open the 2nd email that will be sent shortly after the first signatures are placed. IT MAY TAKE A FEW MINUTES FOR THE SYSTEM TO SEND THE 2ND EMAIL, especially on mobile devices. 

1) An email will arrive entitled “Please DocuSign:”   ---   Click or Touch REVIEW DOCUMENTS.

  • On a cell phone, you may need to touch your screen twice. CONTINUE will then appear. Touch it to begin signing.

2) If using a CELL PHONE:  Touch START, it will change to NEXT. If there is more than one page to sign, touching NEXT takes you to the top of the next page

2) If using a DESKTOP:  The forms will be Greyed out until you click CONTINUE, which will then change to FINISH. If there is more than one page to sign, clicking NEXT PAGE at left of the document takes you to the top of the next page.

3) I suggest starting on the 1st page. Scroll down to find and touch or click the first Yellow box you see. You can scroll through the document(s) to review them before signing if you like, but return to the top when ready to start signing.

4) If it asks you to DRAW your signature in a box, I suggest touching or clicking SELECT STYLE and pick a signature you like. Selecting a signature style is better than using a stylus or finger. It will display more clearly on documents and fit on the line.

  • AFTER choosing a signature, click on APOPT AND SIGN and your 1st signature or initial will appear.

5) Scroll through documents and touch ALL the yellow boxes where it says Sign or Initial.

6) NEXT (or NEXT PAGE) will change to FINISH once you have signed in all places. If you still see NEXT (or NEXT PAGE) , you still have somewhere to initial or sign.

7) You will need to touch or click FINISH when done signing. The 2nd email will not be sent until 1st signer has clicked FINISH. 2nd signer must also touch or click FINISH to complete and send out the documents.

8) After everyone has signed, your signed document will be sent to you in a separate email. You do NOT need to notify me when signed. DocuSign automatically sends me a copy too.

If it asks if you want to open an account, just click “NO THANKS”

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